Thanks for visiting Klewicki Photo. I not only want to take great photos for you, your friends, your family and your favorite things, but I want to give you a great experience while taking your photo. There's just something magical about seeing that moment appearing.  I guess it's because my dad was a photographer, and I remember standing by him in the darkroom in the basement, watching those images appear.  This isn't about booking a's a passion.

If you want the photo booth experience where you pose in front of a lifeless wall, I'm probably not your photographer. But if you want to capture the feeling and story of your organization, event, family and even pets, let's talk. 

Some of My Favorite Things

  • My Kiddo

    My Kiddo

  • Cats


  • Dogs


  • People Having Fun

    People Having Fun

I'm a member of the both the Professional Photographers Association and a Leader in the Photographers Adventure Club - organizations dedicated to the continuous education and growth of the artistic and technical aspects of photography. I am also the official photographer of several community services organizations including Phoenix High Functioning Autism Network, Arizona Autism United, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of AZ and the Downs Syndrome Network of Arizona.

My photos have appeared in local and national publications, such as The Royal Dispatch, Raising Arizona Kids and the Royal Spaniels as well as the Arizona Highways Magazine website.         

Photos to enhance your living environment are featured in the Art Gallery.  Photos from the Art Gallery can be ordered in customized sizes and finishes.  And if you've visited, visiting, or live in Central Arizona, check out Scottsdale Treasures.

If you are looking for some 'real' family portraits (including the pets, of course) or have an upcoming event, give me a call.  Consultations (to see if you and I are going to 'klick') are complimentary.

Klewicki Photo

Sandy Klewicki, photographer

Scottsdale, AZ

(602) 206-6247

Life doesn't happen in a studio or on a disk...neither should your memories

Never underestimate the power of the is what brings all generations and all life together. Imagine handing your son, daughter a disk 10 years from now, or handing a disk around at the holidays to bring the family together. By that time, technology will have changed...your life will have change. And there will be no way to connect the past to the present to the future. My disks last 3-5 year. My father's pictures are over 50 years old and treasured not only by my family, but the many families and weddings that he took.. ‚Äč I've seen them, my brother has seen, my sister, my relatives, my friends. How many of those people would you subject to a night at the computer to understand you life? But give them book that they can flip through at their own time, provoke their own memories. Photographer is an art - it is eternal - it is your life yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It deserves to be part of your life - in albums, in frames, on the refrigerator and displayed as the art of your life and your home. Social networks are great for peeking in. . Prints create a legacy. How much do you value the moments of your life?

Self Portrait

wickenburg self portrait
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